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January 20, 2002

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Nedjma, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nedjma
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Arabian Horse
Home: Amman, Jordan
   Hedjma's story starts when I was ten years old. I had an Arabian mare named Bushra who was pregnant. I got into a routine to check on Bushra when I leave to school, when I return from school and in the evening and I would take every other chance to play with Bushra every day. One day when I returned from school, I went to Bushra's stable as usual and saw she was having her baby. Bushra was standing with her bottom too close to the wall so she would push and the wall would push the baby back in. I ran in and pulled the little foal out. I thought it was dead until it started kicking, I tore the bag it was in and Bushra started licking it all over. The foal was a chestnut filly. I named her Nedjma which is star in Arabic. I was very happy that Bushra had her foal and spent all my spare time with them. Nedjma and I would race across the paddock (Nedjma usually won), she would stand on her back legs with her front legs on my shoulder and Nedjma sometimes slept in my lap.

    Then something terrible happened, Bushra had colic, it got worse and she died. Nedjma was only two months old when Bushra died and she wasn't weaned yet. My father said we couldn't keep her because she won't survive with us. The new owners came an hour after Bushra died. I didn't want to watch so I ran up into my room and started crying. Nedjma wasn't being so tolerant and she won't load onto the truck. My dad came and told me they were having trouble with Nedjma. I went down and she galloped over to me and stuck to my legs I walked into the trailer with Nedjma stuck to my legs.

    Five years later I was looking for a horse. I went to this horse dealer. At the dealer's ranch I walked into the stable and I heard a whinny from a beautiful chestnut mare. I recognized her and so did she recognize me. It was Nedjma! I was so happy to see her again and I bought her right away. Now Nedjma and I perform in jumping and dressage competitions. I take three lessons a week and I go for hacks every day. This picture was taken in a dressage competition that Nedjma and I took part in. She is by far in my point of view pet of the day, pet of the week, pet of the year and pet of the century.

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