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January 13, 2002

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Clyde, the Pet of the Day
Name: Clyde
Age: Deceased, 25 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Savannah Monitor
Home: New Jersey, USA
   This is Clyde, my first Savannah Monitor and favorite pet of all time. Unfortunately Clyde passed away in 1998 from old age complications but lived to the ripe age of 25. He was five feet long and weighed in at seventeen pounds. Clyde was an orphan after Hurricane Andrew hit Miami Florida and was found in a garbage can looking for scraps. A friend had told me that these people had found him, looked for his owner and he was now up for adoption or going to be euthanized in two days. I was horrified and yet not planning on taking in another pet. I agreed to let them bring him by my office and let me meet him. Well, it was love at first sight. Soon after Clyde went everywhere with me. We did talks at local zoos and museums and the Miami Children's Hospital for kids with allergies who can't have furry pets, he was on the news and traveled all over Florida.

    The top photo of Clyde is him lounging by the pool in Miami and the other is Clyde showing off to the camera. He was a grayish color with white and blue spots. His underbelly was a slight peach color. These photos were taken when he was older so the peach had faded. Unfortunately I don't have any when he was young because he was a rescue. The Savannah Monitor comes from East Africa, Namibia to be exact. They live on Savannah plains along with other wildlife. In the wild they eat a varied diet of bird eggs and insects and carrion. They are also famous for being immune to the venom of the famed Cobra and will dine on the dreaded snake. The local tribes of Namibia are grateful for this because if they see a Savannah Monitor they know there must be Cobras about and stay clear of the area.

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