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January 10, 2002

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Iggy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Iggy
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Veiled Chameleon
Home: Sheridan, Wyoming, USA
   Iggy is the coolest pet I've had, he has so much character it's unreal. He always knows when it's time to eat, and I can hand feed him anytime. How can people think that lizards aren't cute?

    Like many reptiles, Iggy's favorite game would definitely be feeding time, or maybe we should call it hunting season. Iggy can nab up a cricket or a mealworm from across his enclosure in a fraction of a second. He loves it when I hold a cricket between my fingers and hand feed him.

    He is sometimes independent, and other times he acts like a mime stuck in a box until I come let him out to roam freely around my room. Iggy is a spoiled baby, and we love him.

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