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January 7, 2002

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Snuggles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Snuggles
Age: Three and a half months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Umbrous Long-Haired Hamster
Home: Nottingham, UK
   Snuggles is an Umbrous Long-Haired Hamster - that is the official name - long-haired because of her silkiness, and slight rear end "quot;whiskers"quot; style!! What makes her special? Well, whilst I was choosing at the pet-shop, Snuggles came out to greet me, clambered all over me - and did not want to get off! And that's how I think she identified me, as wanting me to be her caretaker! Since she has been home, she has been an incredibly gentle hamster, very tame, and always loves her bedtime cuddle (incidentally this is my bedtime not hers!!) - she realizes by the occasional dimming of lights when I am getting ready to settle down. Snuggles loves her cuddles too - whenever she comes out of her cage - she sits patiently on your arms, waiting for the cuddles, and stroking - she sits there for a good five mins of attention! Then at the end - will happily hold out a freshly-pulled poop as a way to say thank-you...well, yes Snuggz, thanks a lot!!

    When she comes out of her cage, she doesn't make an immediate run for it, like most hams, she has a slow exploration, and listens for whenever I call her name. She accepts treats gently out of my hands, and gets along quite well with my other hamsters (I have five altogether). Snuggles' favorite activity has got to be acrobatics in her cage, followed closely by running on her wheel! She has her own page on my website too.

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