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January 3, 2002

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Happy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Happy
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Jersey Wooly
Home: New York City, New York, USA
   We found Happy a few weeks after Easter, from a lady who ran an animal rescue mission for abandoned animals, when he was only about three weeks old. It was certainly love at first sight and we adopted him immediately! He was so very small, I tucked him under the lapel of my coat and carried him all the way home. We have been together almost all the time ever since! He is truly the most loving bunny and best friend anyone could ever have.

    I work out of my home and Happy keeps me company all day while I'm working. He'll lay out at my feet by the side of my desk and relax often doing cute rollie-pollie things. Every now and then throughout the day Happy jumps on to my lap to give me some hugs and kisses, melting away all the stress from my hectic work day.

    When lunch time comes I'll get up and he'll run circles around my feet (sometimes a figure 8) and then on the third time around, he'll stand up on his hind legs for a pet, and some loving acknowledgement. He loves to run circles around everybody, it's one of his favorite games! Then I bring him his favorite lunch, some organic baby spinach and carrots, with a side of fresh apple and dried apricots, and he'll merrily munch away until he's had his fill. Then he'll entertain me for a bit by washing his face and ears and chasing his own cute little cottontail.

    When I'm done with work for the day, it's our snuggle time. He lies out on the bed beside me giving me lots and lots of kisses. He even likes to watch TV and when I put music on he'll take hold of my hand with his very furry little feet, stands on his hind legs and dances with me! Really! He is so amazingly playful and affectionate people have to see him to believe him and when they do they're absolutely amazed!

    He's almost perfectly potty trained, but it's so hard to get mad when he has a little accident because he'll just give you this face like he knows he did something bad as if saying "I'm sorry momma." When he is good and goes in his paper lined box he gets his all time favorite treat, a Teddy Graham for which he jumps for joy. He is so very smart, he always comes when I call him. When I am sad he licks the tears of my eyes and nudges me with his little wiggly nose. Happy also enjoys playing with his big brother Oscar, a Quaker Parrot, and his big sister, Kitty, our cat, and he even gives his affection to our collection of teddy bears by kissing them on their noses. When my fiancé comes home from work Happy does this funny little high jump and spin to let him know he's delighted that he's home.

    We are glad to share the news, that we will have the honor of Happy leading our bridal party down the aisle on our wedding day, as he is such a very special part of our lives. Every day is a great day with our precious little bunny we love and treasure so much. He gives us so much bliss we just had to call him Happy!

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