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January 1, 2002

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Annie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Annie
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Peruvian Guinea Pig
Home: Haddon Heights, New Jersey, USA
   I got my precious Annie in May at age five and a half weeks old. Within about two months I had Annie and two beautiful Peruvian boys, Kirby and Quinn. I didn't know she was pregnant when I got her... what a surprise!She was a wonderful mother even though she was still a baby herself. I think I was more nervous about the whole thing than she was!

    Annie is the most lovable guinea pig. When I hold her she just stretches out and falls asleep. As you can see she is very patient when I pose her for pictures. This one is from her recent Christmas photo shoot! Annie lives here with her two humans, one beagle, fourteen guinea pigs and three bunnies... quite a crew, but I love them all very much! I personally think Annie is a winner!

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