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Annie the Peruvian Guinea Pig Annie
Peruvian Guinea Pig
Haddon Heights, New Jersey, USA
January 01, 2002

Annie the Half Annie
El Paso, Texas, USA
January 02, 2002

Happy the Jersey Wooly Happy
Jersey Wooly
New York City, New York, USA
January 03, 2002

Kikilizza the Peach Faced Lovebird Kikilizza
Peach Faced Lovebird
Maywood, New Jersey, USA
January 04, 2002

Ransom the Betta Splendens Ransom
Betta Splendens
New Jersey, USA
January 05, 2002

Anne, Fred the Painted Turtles Anne, Fred
Painted Turtles
Holland, Michigan, USA
January 06, 2002

Snuggles the Umbrous Long Snuggles
Umbrous Long
Nottingham, UK
January 07, 2002

Limo the Lop Limo
Franklin, Tennessee, USA
January 08, 2002

Pepsi the Eclectus Parrot Pepsi
Eclectus Parrot
New South Wales, Australia
January 09, 2002

Iggy the Veiled Chameleon Iggy
Veiled Chameleon
Sheridan, Wyoming, USA
January 10, 2002

Oinky the Guinea Pig Oinky
Guinea Pig
New York, New York, USA
January 11, 2002

Kodiak the Green Iguana Kodiak
Green Iguana
Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA
January 12, 2002

Clyde the Savannah Monitor Clyde
Savannah Monitor
New Jersey, USA
January 13, 2002

Cisco the Quarter Horse Gelding Cisco
Quarter Horse Gelding
Moore, Idaho, USA
January 14, 2002

Bella the Cockatiel Bella
Richmond, Virginia, USA
January 15, 2002

Gus Gus, Frost the Mini lop Gus Gus, Frost
Mini lop
PittsGrove, New Jersey, USA
January 16, 2002

JB the Scarlet Macaw JB
Scarlet Macaw
Jackson, Mississippi, USA
January 17, 2002

Spirogyra the African Marsh Terrapin Spirogyra
African Marsh Terrapin
South Africa
January 18, 2002

Tater the Black Tail Prairie Dog Tater
Black Tail Prairie Dog
Portland, Oregon, USA
January 19, 2002

Nedjma the Arabian Horse Nedjma
Arabian Horse
Amman, Jordan
January 20, 2002

Gianni the Savannah Monitor Gianni
Savannah Monitor
Reseda, California, USA
January 21, 2002

Tango the Goffin Cockatoo Tango
Goffin Cockatoo
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
January 22, 2002

Smokey the Hamster Smokey
Nottingham, UK
January 23, 2002

Ziggy, Georgie the Macaws Ziggy, Georgie
Washington, USA
January 24, 2002

Sophie the Mini lop Rabbit Sophie
Mini lop Rabbit
Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
January 25, 2002

Barry Blue the Betta Fish Barry Blue
Betta Fish
Mobile, Alabama, USA
January 26, 2002

Jumbo the Miniature horse Jumbo
Miniature horse
Lockport, New York, USA
January 27, 2002

Missy the Triton Cockatoo Missy
Triton Cockatoo
Milton Keynes, England
January 28, 2002

Rudy the French Lop Rudy
French Lop
New York City, New York, USA
January 29, 2002

Suchin Shelter the Syrian Hamster Suchin Shelter
Syrian Hamster
The Hague, the Netherlands
January 30, 2002

Penny the Appaloosa Penny
Pennsylvania, USA
January 31, 2002

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