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February 26, 2002

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Oreo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oreo
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini-Lop
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   Oreo is quite the devilish bunny! :-) He loves to come out and run all over the house, and of course get into mischief. He is quite a ham and will always run up to people and nudge them until he get their attention. He loves to use my old t-shirts to cuddle with and eventually destroy. His name is Oreo because of his black and white combination of fur. Oreo is also very smart. If he wants to come out, he often come over and lays by the door, sometimes shaking slightly, I go to check on him and he perks right up and sticks his head out the cage door. He also knows how to ask for more water. Whenever he is very low he will bite and jam the water bottle until it falls on the floor, obviously grabbing my attention. Even though he can be troublesome, he is such a cutie.

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