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February 23, 2002

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Noni, Taz, the Pets of the Day
Name: Noni, Taz
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Sugar Gliders
Home: Tampa, Florida, USA
   Noni and Taz were bought from a college student here in Tampa. We have had them for nine months now and they are about two years old. These two are beyond wonderful little creatures. I have owned eight gliders all at once in the past and it is great to have gliders around. Noni and Taz have even blessed me with a beautiful baby girl! Noni and Taz love to play and they are very active.

    Noni and Taz are very special to me and my husband. They are the sweetest and friendliest gliders we have ever owned. Since gliders are nocturnal, we play with them late at night. I'll sit at my computer while Noni lays on my head, my husband will run around the room with Taz. They love to play games and are very active. They love mealworms. Their favorite food is honeydew. They have lots of toys and ropes to play with, lots of attention, and of course cuddles and loving. Noni and Taz are just too good to be true!! I hope that one day, people become more aware of these beautiful creatures. Many of the people that come to meet Noni and Taz fall in love even though they've never even heard of a sugar glider. I just know that these are the best pets I've ever had and I've caught glideritis!!!

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