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February 21, 2002

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Karen, the Pet of the Day
Name: Karen
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Yellow-naped Amazon
Home: Saitama, Japan
   I've lived my life with birds for over 20 years. Karen is so precious for me. She talks a little though, Karen understands what I say. When I feel sad, angry or happy, She knows how I feel. Being at home, I spend a lot of time with Karen. I mean, doing something with her.(e.g. reading, laundry and so on) I can't think about the life without Karen.

    Karen is so affectionate. She loves to be cuddled. Karen sits on my arm, cuddled, patted, stroked and kissed by me. She needs this cuddle time over 30 minutes every night before bedtime. She is like a cockatoo! Also, she likes to sing. Her favorite CD is the soundtrack of the movie 'Sound of Music". Especially The Lonely Goatherd, and Karen yodels in her own way! She can't sing so perfectly but happily sings with me.

    Karen is acrobatic too. I call this "trapeze" - she hangs from my finger by one foot like a bat. While doing so, I walk around my living room... Karen gets so excited and begins to talk away. But now, she is almost asleep on my shoulder.

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