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February 16, 2002

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Douglas, the Pet of the Day
Name: Douglas
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Boa Constrictor
Home: Coventry, Rhode Island, USA
   Douglas is my male boa constrictor and the newest addition to my family. He's a little over two feet long and growing very fast. He has to catch up to Kali, my other boa constrictor, who's over five feet long. Although they live in separate enclosures, I plan on purchasing a 6L x 3H x 3W cage so Douglas and Kali can live together. Douglas has a wonderful temperament and enjoys being held. He spends most of his time sleeping under his hide-log and you can occasionally see his head sticking out looking to see if there is food anywhere. If Douglas notices any movement, he quickly turns his head and flicks out his tongue. I enjoy having Douglas, he's such an adorable snake and although many will disagree, snakes are absolutely beautiful animals that deserve a much more positive reputation than they currently have.

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