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February 13, 2002

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Muffy and Hazel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Muffy, Hazel
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Red Dutch, Guinea Pig
Home: Maryland, USA
   These are two of our guinea pigs, Muffy and Hazel (Hazel is a red dutch, Muffy is a mix). We also have three others, Aya and Eve and Caramel. Muffy and Hazel are best friends and live in a cage of their own apart from the other three. (Our cage wasn't big enough for five). We got Muffy and Hazel one day on a regular trip to Petco. We were getting hay when I saw a cage on the ground. On top of it was a sign that said "Please adopt us." I asked to see them, just because I love guinea pigs and they let me open it and hold them. I instantly knew I had to have them. I asked my parents if we could get them and tame them to give to my cousins (who were thinking of getting one at the time). At least if we did that then I would get to be with them for a little bit. They agreed and we left the pet store with two new pigs. Obviously, they still haven't left. My aunt decided to get fish instead because her children were fairly young, so Muffy and Hazel stayed here with us!

    Muffy is a fairly large guinea pig, weighing almost three and a half pounds! She isn't fat though, because her weight it distributed proportionally to her body. She is such a sweetie, a true gentle giant. She protects her little sister Hazel and definitely lets us know when she's hungry! She has big, droopy eyes that you just can't resist! Whenever you pass her cage, she stands up near the front and looks at you with her puppy dog face, you just have to pick her up and cuddle with her!

    Hazel is much smaller than Muffy, and she has a pretty skittish personality. She does not like being held at all, she squirms and wriggles away every time we try to hold her. Although it is sad to know she hates being held, we know that not all piggies are the same. Of course, the more she resists our hugs, the more we love her! She loves her sister Muffy, and looks up to her as her protector of sorts.

    These piggies definitely have their way of letting us know what they want. Whenever they want food, they stand up on the bars and wheek like crazy. (Muffy more so than Hazel.) Their favorite foods are lettuce, carrots, and hay. At night, we cover the tops of the pigs cages with towels because it gets fairly cold down in the basement. One day, we went downstairs to find half of the beach towel inside Muffy and Hazel's cage! They had pulled the huge towel through the bars and halfway through their cage! We looked inside to see them laying on top of it, not even realizing what was wrong. We soon gave them an old dish towel to lay on, which they love.

    Muffy and Hazel are very special guinea pigs and we love them very much. We are very lucky that our aunt didn't want them anymore, because I don't know how we'd give them up now!

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