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February 9, 2002

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Rorie and Kini, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rorie and Kini
Age: Eight, Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Campbell's Dwarf Hamsters
Home: Durham, North Carolina, USA
   Rorie was one of my first pair of dwarf hamsters, and when the other one died, Rorie seemed so depressed that I got her a new friend, Kini. Rorie has a monstrous appetite, but can't eat a balanced meal, so I have to feed her plain pellets instead of a nice yummy seed mix, because she would just eat the seeds she wanted and throw the other ones in her litter box in disgust. Her favorite foods include broccoli, pecans, and buttered biscuits. She's very gentle, loving, and prissy; she used to hold her hyperactive first girlfriend down and groom her forcefully because her hair was just such a mess. When that hamster died, Rorie was despondent and wouldn't play unless she was coaxed, or eat unless she was hand-fed.

    Kini was traumatized at the pet shop, because their dwarf hamsters were seriously overcrowded and a lot of the full-grown hamsters used her as a pillow. So when she got home and Rorie tried to be friendly by grooming her, she would roll over in fear and squee angrily. This confused Rorie considerably, but after a couple of weeks Kini began to settle down. She has two speeds, roadrunner and off. She'll zoom around, looking like a motorized bunny slipper on wheels, and then suddenly stop mid-step and take a nap. She never seems to eat anything, but goes to bed every morning with some seeds in her pouches in case she should actually be hungry. If she didn't keep the seeds in her pouches, Rorie would wolf them down.

    They love running around on computer keyboards, and are too light to press the keys. In the picture, Rorie is checking out the screen of my laptop, and Kini is seeing if there's anything interesting to the side, like maybe a cord she can try to chew on.

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