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February 5, 2002

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Fluffy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fluffy
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Lop-eared Rabbit
Home: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
   This is my bunny rabbit Fluffy. I rescued him from a nursing home where he was supposed to be a "pet therapy" rabbit. Unfortunately he was terribly neglected and was not even provided the necessities of life like water and food. Since he has lived with me and my two dogs and two cats he has proved to be quite a little character. Like most rabbits Fluffy has a sweet nature and loves to be groomed and cuddled. He loves the occasional treat of different fruits and for Christmas he loved slurping on a section of clementine.

    Fluffy loves to chase my dogs and nip the cats' tails when they venture too close to his territory. He is the sweetest little animal on earth and I am so lucky that he loves me too. Fluffy likes to play "chase" with me and circles my feet quickly and then runs and hides until I find him. Then he chases me out the room and hides all over again. I have truly been blessed with this bunny.

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