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February 1, 2002

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Clawd Raymond Farnsworth, the Pet of the Day
Name: Clawd Raymond Farnsworth
Age: Four years and four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Alexandrine Parakeet
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   I was born in Australia and am now living in the USA in sunny San Diego! (since the age of one I have clocked up lots of frequent Flyer points!!)

    I love hangin' around on my perch so I can see what's going on around the house, and also love anything that is made of wood!! I like to chew, chew, chew!! Sometimes my mum gives me plastic bottle tops and straws which are cool, and I even like the buttons on mum's shirt (when I get the chance!!) I like to rattle off every word I know each day and I think my vocabulary is up to around 50 words and phrases... but I am still learning... I also figured out that if I wait until mum or dad look at me after I say "Do a Poo"... then do a poop, they will automatically pick me up. I will also give them plenty of big kisses and tell them I love them... amazing what they will do for me.

    "Clawd Raymond Farnsworth" is his full name :) He is an Alexandrine Parakeet (although he says he is not!! He thinks he is a human being). He has a very large vocabulary, and I know he doesn't just 'mimic' - I am sure he actually does know what he is saying. I have managed to hold many conversations with him. He says things like... . "I looooove yooooooou" (then will give a huge kiss) "wanna come up... ... will do a poo!!" "Where's Derik??" (my hubby) "That's nice!"... (when given attention, or something he likes) "yep"... He actually answers before either myself or Derik does when we are having a conversation. And the list is endless!

    He has his 'moods' too. He growls when grumpy, laughs when happy and chats away from around 2pm every afternoon until around 3 30pm!! (This is when he secretly practices his vocabulary for when I decide to chat to him)

    He loves any toys!!! Bird ones of course!! Yes, those expensive ones are cool he thinks, altho I know he loves the cheap, plain old "wood" from the back yard just as much. Anything that can be demolished is his favorite! He will cuddle up, but only when he wants to. Hmm... it seems he is spoilt! He won't bite at all... ..although for some reason he will chew on his own foot if he is told he is naughty. His latest "trick" is to ask "Are you alright?"... when I cough. There is waaaay too much to talk about with Clawd, I could go on forever. I thought the small picture was a good one and shows the "real" Clawd Raymond... ...'cause he is a real "sticky-beak"!!! He loves everyone else's business!

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