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Clawd the Alexandrine Parakeet Clawd
Alexandrine Parakeet
San Diego, California, USA
February 01, 2002

Bunny the Dwarf Lop Rabbit Bunny
Dwarf Lop Rabbit
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
February 02, 2002

Rascal the Abyssinian, Guinea Pig Rascal
Abyssinian, Guinea Pig
Cortlandt Manor, New York, USA
February 03, 2002

Casper the Black Bear Hamster Casper
Black Bear Hamster
Maine, USA
February 04, 2002

Fluffy the Lop eared Rabbit Fluffy
Lop eared Rabbit
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
February 05, 2002

Frogzilla the Amazonian Horned Frog Frogzilla
Amazonian Horned Frog
Houston, Texas, USA
February 06, 2002

Chester the Sun Conure Chester
Sun Conure
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA
February 07, 2002

Brownie the Dutch Rabbit Brownie
Dutch Rabbit
Southern Minnesota, USA
February 08, 2002

Rorie and Kini the Campbell's Dwarf Hamsters Rorie and Kini
Campbell's Dwarf Hamsters
Durham, North Carolina, USA
February 09, 2002

Hector the Panama Amazon Hector
Panama Amazon
Georgia, USA
February 10, 2002

Freckles the Lop Eared Rabbit Freckles
Lop Eared Rabbit
Port St John, Florida, USA
February 11, 2002

Smash the Quarter horse Smash
Quarter horse
Rockwall, Texas, USA
February 12, 2002

Muffy, Hazel the Guinea Pig Muffy, Hazel
Guinea Pig
Maryland, USA
February 13, 2002

Valentine the Red Lory Valentine
Red Lory
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA
February 14, 2002

Ginger the Holland Lop Ginger
Holland Lop
San Antonio, Texas, USA
February 15, 2002

Douglas the Boa Constrictor Douglas
Boa Constrictor
Coventry, Rhode Island, USA
February 16, 2002

BJ the Cockatiel BJ
Key Largo, Florida, USA
February 17, 2002

Scratchie the Syrian hamster Scratchie
Syrian hamster
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
February 18, 2002

Makenna the Veiled Chameleon Makenna
Veiled Chameleon
Salida, California, USA
February 19, 2002

Pete, Willie the Milking Shorthorn Pete, Willie
Milking Shorthorn
Strafford, New Hampshire, USA
February 20, 2002

Karen the Yellow Karen
Saitama, Japan
February 21, 2002

Ludvig the Congo African Grey Ludvig
Congo African Grey
February 22, 2002

Noni, Taz the Sugar Gliders Noni, Taz
Sugar Gliders
Tampa, Florida, USA
February 23, 2002

Teddy the Longhaired Syrian Hamster Teddy
Longhaired Syrian Hamster
Pickering, Ontario, Canada
February 24, 2002

Tiny the African Bullfrog Tiny
African Bullfrog
Houston, Texas, USA
February 25, 2002

Oreo the Mini Lop Oreo
Mini Lop
Massachusetts, USA
February 26, 2002

Jem, Dill the Guinea Pigs Jem, Dill
Guinea Pigs
February 27, 2002

Reggie, Shaynde the Mini Pinscher, Parrot Reggie, Shaynde
Mini Pinscher, Parrot
Long Beach, New York, USA
February 28, 2002

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