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December 31, 2002

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Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, the Pet of the Day
Name: Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald
Age: Two, One and a half years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Dutch Rabbits
Home: Minnesota, USA
   These are our wonderful bunnies. Miles Davis is on the left and Ella Fitzgerald is on the right. We are not quite sure of their ages, so it is only an approximation. These two are the most wonderful pets anyone could ask for. Every day they make us smile and even laugh out loud. They are the best of friends and like to do practically everything together. Miles love to give bunny kisses usually any time you want them... he shows us lots of love. Ella loves to stretch out on the floor and get petted. They are so great because they are litter-trained which makes it good for them because they are never caged. They have full reign of the house. They love to eat people food, and run up and jump in your lap when you rumple a chips bag. We never thought we would have so much joy in our lives because of these rabbits. They truly are a part of our family! :)

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