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December 28, 2002

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Honey Bee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Honey Bee
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Horse
Home: Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
   This is Honey Bee. She lives with her friend Skunky at Baraka Equestrian Centre which is near Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. My Mom and Dad bought Honey Bee for me in August. I have shown her once at a local fall fair. We did great! Honey Bee is a very safe jumper. I ride her as often as I can. My trainer's name is Lois. She's the best! She's really taught me and Honey Bee a lot about jumping.

    Honey Bee is a very affectionate and loving pony. She has a real sweet tooth and loves peppermints. She is very calm and behaves when she's getting ready for shows. She will stand still for hours for braiding and we can even shave her whiskers and her ears without her flinching or tossing her head. Her funniest trick is she will dance when she is in her cross-ties trying to win you over for treats. She dances by stepping and crossing her front legs over and over again in place. It's very funny to watch. Honey Bee loves to run around in her paddock and the first thing she does when she goes outside to pasture is to roll in the dirt. She looks funny when she rolls. Honey Bee's rider has been riding for just over two years on other ponies but Honey Bee is her first pony and will always be her first love. Each ride starts with a kiss.

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