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December 24, 2002

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Jazzy and Satchmo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jazzy, Satchmo
Age: Two years, Eleven months old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Solomon Island Eclectus parrots
Home: North Carolina, USA
   This is Jazzy, my female Solomon Island Eclectus parrot, and Satchmo, my eleven month old male Solomon Island Eclectus parrot. They live with me, their dad, their Chocolate Lab and kitty cat too.

    We all live in North Carolina. Jazzy is extremely outgoing, can be bossy, and she is my girl! Satchmo is a bit more timid, only wants me, and is jealous of Jazzy. They've been living in the same house (not same cage) since May of this year. These two are my babies, and I love them dearly--they're very special to me, because of their tender souls, and their need for love and companionship.

    Jazzy is a very social girl, loves parties, loves people--but prefers women over men, is very forthright in letting you know what she wants and she loves attention. Satchmo is a little cuddler, is very very sweet natured, and they are both absolutely stunning! Jazzy is very dominant, where Satchmo is more easy-going. Both are very good at letting me know what they like and don't like. Unfortunately, they don't like each other, but that's OK. They are roommates, but not cage-mates.

    Jazzy is funny in that when the noise level gets too loud, from company or our dog, she'll squawk at you to keep it down. Satchmo will start talking when it gets noisy. They both love to have me make them toys with beads, colored popsicle sticks, buttons, etc. Satchmo is learning to talk and is saying hello, peekaboo, here we go, OK, and I love you. Jazzy has more of a repertoire of words, but is a closet talker. She loves to hang out in the shower with just the fan running (no water) and she talks up a storm! Hi baby, hello, peekaboo, what's that?, I love you, uh oh, and lots of eclectus-ese words! They both love it when I sing to them--right now, their favorite is "Deck the Halls!" They are both affectionate and want quite a bit of attention. They always have to see what the other is doing and they get jealous of one another. They are more of an independent natured bird than other parrots, in that they are good at playing alone, but they do enjoy it when I'm right there messing with them, singing, making toys, showing them things.

    I'd say Satchmo is a bit more independent now than Jazzy, but he is younger than she is, and will probably become more curious as he gets older. Being the same species, their eclectus language is similar, Satchmo is a very good eater, while Jazzy prefers her carbohydrates and hard boiled eggs... Satchmo takes a while to warm up to a new person, but will eventually want to see that person and step up to him/her, Jazzy must see right away who the newcomer is. When someone leaves the house, she must go to the front window and watch them leave the driveway, it's very funny! They are both incredibly intelligent, very curious and most entertaining!

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