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December 23, 2002

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Romeo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Romeo
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black Velvet Chinchilla
Home: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
   Romeo has only been living with us for a few weeks, but he is already a special member of the family, which includes eleven guinea pigs and two cats. I had wanted a chinchilla for a very long time, and when the opportunity to get Romeo arose, I jumped at the chance! We drove eight hours round-trip to get him, and the last three hours on the way home were during a snow storm! His cage is right at the door to the "critter room," and whenever that door opens he is right up on the bars waiting to be scritched. He also knows that whenever the piggies squeal for carrots, he will probably get a raisin or dried cranberry, and he gets very excited.

    Romeo doesn't really like to be held, but loves to run free in the bathroom, and he'll climb all over you while he's playing. When he's done playing, he falls asleep behind the toilet, where I can scoop him up and put him to bed. His favorite thing to do is to have a dustbath, but he likes it best in a big square cookie tin, since he's such a big boy that the dust house is too small for him! Soon Romeo will have a little girlfriend chinchilla to live with, a pink-white girl that, you guessed it, will be named Juliet. How corny, eh? But we love our Romeo!

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