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December 10, 2002

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Liz and Squirt, the Pet of the Day
Name: Liz, Squirt
Age: Eight, Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Green Iguanas
Home: Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA
   That's Liz on the left and Squirt on the right. Liz and Squirt are very special because they are very gentle, and good natured. They know their way around our house inside and out and they put themselves back in their cages when they are tired. They also sleep with my husband and myself. Iguanas make wonderful pets but you have to learn the proper way to care for them. Most books and pet stores have lots of misinformation. I learned the right way to house and feed my igs by using the internet.

    Liz is an eight year old female iguana who loves to snuggle. She rests her head right on your neck. She is the dominant iguana here. What she says, goes. In other words, anytime another iguana visits, she bobs her dewlap at it to let it know that this is her territory. When she is out in back of my house, if she gets scared by a dog, she will run to the front door and scratch.

    Squirt is a three year old female iguana. She is more laid back. She has never bitten or threatened to bite which I cannot say the same for Liz. Squirt is a very curious, active iguana who spent four days this summer exploring the world looking for a place to nest. We found her four blocks from home. Iguanas do not do tricks or respond to commands but they certainly know their owners and are more affectionate to them. Their favorite game is to hide from me. I have spent many hours looking for lost iguanas in the house. I keep thinking they are getting bigger and easier to find but they keep finding better hiding places.

    I do lectures for children about iguanas. Usually Liz gets passed from child to child and Squirt is my model as I explain iguana anatomy. I have a video that I show where they are swimming at the Jersey shore, taking a bath, bobbing at the iguana in the mirror and finding their way back to their own rooms. I also show pictures of them dressed up for Halloween. I take them to the local elementary school and they participate in the parade. That is one day the children do not handle the iguanas because they usually are eating at Halloween parties. On Halloween night, the iguanas sit on a chair in my living room with the candy. They tend to stay still until a child reaches in for a piece of candy and then they jump on the kids because they get scared. It makes for a fun holiday and all the local people know my house is safe to go into. This year they were French Poodles!

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