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December 6, 2002

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Luna, the Pet of the Day
Name: Luna
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Blue Pied Lovebird
Home: Bay Area, California, USA
   Tweeeee!!!! My name is Luna, and I live with my mommy, and my two aunts, and cousin Bandit the Green-cheek Conure. I was taken home on a drizzly spring day. At the time my mommy worked at a pet store, and when they brought me to the store she took me home that day. I was little, and loved to be held, and nuzzled. Even though I'm a bit bigger now I still love to be held. My favorite thing to do is to perch atop my mommy's shoulder. Sometimes when she tries to put me back into my cage I give her a little nip to let her know I'm not ready! I'm a bit spoiled that way. I have lot's of toys, and love my little rainbow bell toy the best. As you can see, I'm quite photogenic, and love to pose for pictures. Aren't I just the cutest?!

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