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August 27, 2002

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Pokey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pokey
Age: Twelve weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Home: Mineapolis, Minnesota, USA
   I've wanted a hedgehog for some time now. A few weeks ago I finally bought one. This thing is so neat looking, I couldn't stop staring at it at the pet store. In fact, I visited the pet store two consecutive days before I decided to go ahead and purchase it. And when I finally did, the owners didn't want to let the thing go. I sent two pictures so you can see how amazing he actually looks, but it still doesn't do justice; for seeing it live is a whole 'nother matter. After sunset watching what looks like a softball zigzagging all over the dark grass, this thing is just way too cool for school.

    Pokey runs like the dickens when he gets outside and doesn't want to go back inside. He likes to hide in his hunter green small chube (in fact, he almost lives in the thing). He is affectionate when he is sleeping during the day, but besides that, he would rather run outside in the dark. He also doesn't like getting picked up, and since he is quilling (when a young hedgehog starts to shed their baby quills and replace them with their adult quills), his quills are hurting a lot more than when I got him at the pet store. And... the ladies that live in the apartment think he is the cutest thing, because he gets into a defensive ball and his head pokes out.

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