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August 25, 2002

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Katee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Katee
Age: Eleven weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Nubian Cross, Boers Cross goat
Home: Apopka, Florida, USA
   I'd like you to meet our "kid" Katee who is pictured at twelve days old in the bottom picture and one month old. Now she is almost eleven weeks old. Brad and I got her in Pierson, Florida when she was just five days old after her mother and twin sister died at birth. Now she lives with us in Apopka, Florida which is just north of Orlando. Katee has been bottle fed which has bonded her to us as parents. Recently I took her to the home of a new friend who has 45 goats of all ages. We wanted to see how she would enjoy the company of her own species and perhaps pick out a companion for her. All went well, but she made sure to keep me close in sight at all times and stuck by my side almost always ....except, of course, when stopping for something good to munch on!!! If I stepped out of sight in the process, she most definitely vocalized her dismay...baaahhhhh!

    Her daily companions consist of three dogs and several cats. She thinks she should be in the house with the rest of her "family" but, being a goat, she has discovered how much she loves to jump on top of the kitchen counter! So, we enjoy our "special moments" by gathering her up in a towel, cuddling up on our favorite chair and watching tv until she falls asleep. Our main concern is how to get her to understand that one of these days, she'll be too big for my lap! Who would have imagined a goat to become a special family pet... for us she has become more than just "the Pet of the Day"... but something precious and adorable to share with others... like you!

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