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August 16, 2002

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Eeny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Eeny
Age: Eighteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lion-head goldfish
Home: Sequim, Washington, USA
   Eeny is a Lion-head goldfish. He came into our lives as a tiny 1-inch fish! Eeny was one of four we chose to put into the small fish tank we had just purchased the week before. The water was ready and waiting for the new lives.

    They thrived and grew ... and grew and grew. So we got them a bigger home and eventually split them up into two groups. Eeny and his friend Moe went into the smaller tank and Meenie and Miney, the twins, stayed in the larger tank as these tiny fish were now nine inches long! And still they grew!

    Eeny (with Moe) finally went into the pond in the back yard next door, where they have lots of water to swim around in and more neighbors to enjoy and adopt them. They are thriving there.

    Goldfish are a form of carp. So are their cousins, the fabled Koi. We think Eeny is a very handsome fish, and are happy he likes his pond home so much!

    All four are in the big pond now, and they will probably winter over, in a sluggish "hibernating" stage, along with the frogs and other fish in the pond. It does not freeze over, since we get so few below freezing days here. I am sure their level of activity goes down as the water cools. Right now all fish are carrying on swimmingly, no longer bumping their noses into glass walls. The neighbors join us in enjoying them, tossing them some food, protecting and exclaiming over them... and we will replenish the indoor goldfish tank someday with new little ones.

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