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August 4, 2002

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Edd, the Pet of the Day
Name: Edd
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Turtle
Home: Wishek, North Dakota, USA
   I got Edd in the summer of 2001, I found him in the lake behind our house. Actually my dog Daisy found him, but then I took him home and put him safe in my old fish aquarium and put rocks, water, and snails in. My mom and I bought turtle food for him and I fed and took care of him all summer. Then in the fall he started not eating very much, and was inactive, so I put him back in the lake to hibernate.

    I still miss how he used to scratch on the sides of the tank at night when I was in bed, and how he always chomped on his food right out of my hand. Also the time I made him a Leggo trailer and he rode in it all day with his little head looking all around. Even though I do not have him anymore he still was a great pet and was fun while he stayed.

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