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August 3, 2002

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Cheeky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cheeky
Age: Four years old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Green cheek conure
Home: Milton, Ontario, Canada
   Hi, my name is Cheeky. I am a Green cheek conure. I was purchased in Burlington, Ontario, Canada at SuperPet. This picture was taken the first night my mommy took me home by my Auntie Donna. Faye, the lady who took care of me at the Pet store, let my new Mommy take me home early because she came to visit me every night for a month when I was still being hand fed.

    I am now four years old and am a very happy birdie. I have a brother, too, Bailey. He is an Elenora Cockatoo. I can say a lot of words like; "Cheeky", "Cheeky Birdie", "Cheeky Baby", "Bad Birdie" (I say that to my brother when he is noisy), "Here kitty kitty" and "Bad Birdie" Sometimes I surprise my Mommy with a new word and she says "Bad Birdie" very firmly. But I still say it cause I like to talk. My brother doesn't talk as much as me but he can Whistle so nice he puts me to sleep. He can say, "Bye-Bye" and "Hi" he knows everyone's name in the house as well. I just call them all "Good birdies" they think that's funny.

    My favorite things are climbing up and down sweaters, sitting on my Mommie's head and playing with my ball that has a bell in it. My brother and I both love fruits and Vegetables. My favorite is Strawberries and Baileys is Grapes. We also like, Vanilla Ice Cream, mashed potatoes, eggs and Roast Beef. We are both very spoiled. I can't wait love when we get to take weekend car rides to the Cottage. It's my favorite place. Bailey and I are glad we have a nice family that takes care of us. My mommy, grandma and grandpa are very special people.

      Bye Bye for Now
      Cheeky Birdie

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