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April 9, 2002

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Desmo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Desmo
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Solomon Island Ecelctus
Home: Clifton Park, New York, USA
   In October of 1999, I lost a very dear part of my life. I lost my female Solomon Island Eclectus, her name was Lucy. I lost her due to complications of being egg bound; I lost her on the operating table. It really devastated me and I did not think that I wanted another bird yet. But I also have a Congo African Grey and just a couple of days after Lucy left us, Scarlett started saying, "Up Lucy, up Lucy" and was showing signs of being lonesome. I love the Eclectus species, but also felt that I would never want to lose another love do to egg binding. Not that it would happen again, but I did not want to personally deal with it. So I thought that a male would be nice.

    Not knowing on where to find one, I researched Bird Talk Magazine for breeders. I found some in this area and Barbara Jones, down in Florida. I live just 15 miles North of Albany, New York. I contacted Gulf Coast Exotic Birds and talked to Barbara. I told her what had happened with my female and my thoughts on getting a male. She did have some males that would be ready to go in a couple of weeks. But she recommended one in particular very highly. He was very social and had no problems with coming up on a persons' hand. Barbara socializes with all of her birds and I do believe that everyone there associates with them also. What also made my decision easy was I have a friend through a bird chat program that lives in the same area as Gulf Coast Exotic Birds. Talking with her, she volunteered to go over and visit with Barbara, take a look at the bird that I would be getting and just take an over all look at her breeding facilities. When Pam got back to me, she could not speak highly enough of Barbara, her birdies, and her facilities. She stated that she had not seen such a nice breeding facility, the place was very clean and the birds were very lovely and well cared for. She also stated that Barbara was a very caring person and loved her birds. Also another point that I would like to make is that until I received my new little person, Barbara would E-mail me pictures of my new birdie so that I knew exactly what he looked like, well before I first laid eyes on him.

    I was also concerned about shipping. Being a corporate pilot, I was looking to see if we had any trips down to Florida so that I could personally pick up Desmo, but we did not. So, I decided on air shipment. When you consider the purchase of a bird from a breeder plus the shipping, it will still come out about the same as purchasing a bird from a store, or perhaps, even less expensive.

    Since Desmo has joined out little family, he has become a very important part of it. He is such a sweet bird. He loves to be on the windowsill, watching whatever is going on outside and looking at the trees. He is a very beautiful bird. His feathers are so shiny and pretty. But that is also probably due to his diet. He eats like a little piggy. He eats everything I give him. It is such a delight to see him so happy and eating all the time. I do recommend getting your bird or birds from Barbara. Very highly!

    Lately Desmo has taken to following my Congo African Grey around my home. It's so cute to watch them walking around, seeing what kind of trouble they can get into. Probably just to make me upset and make me act like the loving parent that I am. Whenever they are walking around together, I say, "Well there goes the Two Walk About Buddies!!"

    Desmo is a Male Solomon Island Ecelctus and will be three years old this coming July. Scarlett is my Congo Grey and he, even though the name does not imply, He will be five this coming July. Scarlett was named wrong at the store. I just do not have the heart to tell him about his name or change it!

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