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April 4, 2002

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Momo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Momo
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Sweden
   Soon after purchasing our first cockatiel Spock. I started looking for a companion for him. It didn't seem right to have him being all alone when we where at work. In the summer I finally got in contact with a family who had a 4 1/2 month old hand tamed baby, named Momo. We didn't know whether it was a male or a female but the family thought it to be a female. Momo came to live with us, and we loved him from the first moment we saw him. We think its a male because he sings a lot and do a lot of jumping on the floor, trying to impress Spock...

    Spock met Momo on the night we brought him home (June 16th) and immediately flew over to his cage, going for the millet spray inside. He got a bit nervous as Momo soon climbed out to greet his new friend. The first night Momo slept in his bathtub with his tail in the water, and Spock slept on top of the tub. The next night Momo moved in with Spock in the big cage which we had built for them earlier. Momo is normal grey just like Spock, but his colors are not as brilliant. He is a lighter grey and still carries his yellow tail-feathers. He is really sweet and can be quite vocal - often singing to us or Spock. Momo loves to keep his beak busy! He spends hours biting on the branches and twigs in the cage and their tree. He also bites a lot on our bookshelf... *sigh* Luckily it's a cheap model made out of wood... He also plays a lot more than Spock, swinging and climbing all over the living room. He is often seen either in the cage or in the tree hanging like a bat upside down with his wings extended. Momo was converted to pellets along with Spock. He had tried pellets at his previous home, but liked seeds better. Now he's eating his pellets without any fuss. He also loves rice, potato, egg and millet sprays.

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