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Peanut the Sun Conure Peanut
Sun Conure
Reston, Virginia, USA
April 01, 2002

Mr. Peabody the Longhaired Teddy Hamster Mr. Peabody
Longhaired Teddy Hamster
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
April 02, 2002

Charlie the Horse Charlie
Rochester, New York, USA
April 03, 2002

Momo the Cockatiel Momo
April 04, 2002

BoyGeorge the Jackson Chameleon BoyGeorge
Jackson Chameleon
Miami, Florida, USA
April 05, 2002

Loki the Budgie Loki
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
April 06, 2002

Joey the Donkey Joey
La Porte, Indiana, USA
April 07, 2002

Do Nut the Green Iguana Do Nut
Green Iguana
La Mesa, California, USA
April 08, 2002

Desmo the Solomon Island Ecelctus Desmo
Solomon Island Ecelctus
Clifton Park, New York, USA
April 09, 2002

Stewie the Dutch Rabbit Stewie
Dutch Rabbit
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
April 10, 2002

Mango the Sun Conure Mango
Sun Conure
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
April 11, 2002

Henny Penny the Barred Rock Chicken Henny Penny
Barred Rock Chicken
Marysville, Washington, USA
April 12, 2002

Izzy, Ziggy the Anole chameleons Izzy, Ziggy
Anole chameleons
April 13, 2002

Wishes Come True the Thoroughbred Wishes Come True
Northern, Virginia, USA
April 14, 2002

Janabie the Syrian Hamster Janabie
Syrian Hamster
Bel Air, Maryland, USA
April 15, 2002

Dittle the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Dittle
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Jackson, New Jersey, USA
April 16, 2002

Benjamin the Ferret Benjamin
Lambertville, New Jersey, USA
April 17, 2002

Zazu the Blue and Gold Macaw Zazu
Blue and Gold Macaw
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
April 18, 2002

Wooley, Compton the Teddy, American Guinea Pigs Wooley, Compton
Teddy, American Guinea Pigs
San Mateo, California, USA
April 19, 2002

Niles De' Bunnie the Holland Lop Niles De' Bunnie
Holland Lop
Houston, Texas, USA
April 20, 2002

Squiggles the Leopard Gecko Squiggles
Leopard Gecko
Texas, USA
April 21, 2002

Bambuc the Red Eared Slider Bambuc
Red Eared Slider
Tel Aviv, Israel
April 22, 2002

Pinpin the Dwarf rabbit Pinpin
Dwarf rabbit
Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
April 23, 2002

Izglow the Green Iguana Izglow
Green Iguana
New Jersey, USA
April 24, 2002

Echo the Sun Conure Echo
Sun Conure
Key Largo, Florida, USA
April 25, 2002

Slick the Ball Python Slick
Ball Python
Columbus, Georgia, USA
April 26, 2002

Sonny the Kinkajou Sonny
Florida, USA
April 27, 2002

KISS the Dwarf Hotot KISS
Dwarf Hotot
North Eastern, Indiana, USA
April 28, 2002

Joey, Biscuit the Hamsters Joey, Biscuit
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
April 29, 2002

Tuk the Quaker Parrakeet Tuk
Quaker Parrakeet
Kingsville, Texas, USA
April 30, 2002

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