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September 27, 2001

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Calvin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Calvin
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Florida White
Home: Portland, Maine, USA
   Hello - I am Calvin the bunny. I am a Florida White bunny who was born on Christmas Day at a shelter in Boston. My mommies rescued me and I now live in Portland, Maine. I love to eat my veggies. My favorite hobby is running through my cardboard tubes and playing with my slinky. I am a shy boy but I love kisses on my head and when my friends rub my chubby cheeks.

    Calvin is a very independent and playful type of boy. One of his favorites games is tug-of-war with a wooden spoon (which he often takes a big bite out of)! He also enjoys rearranging his cage by moving his litterbox, toys and bowls around when he is bored. He has a special dance that we call the Jive Bunny. When he is happy and wants to show his gleeful mood, he will do his wacky side-to-side hopping dance. When he is in a sweet mood, he loves little kisses on the top of his head and like to have his chubby cheeks rubbed. When he is in a bad mood he shows his displeasure with a definitive grunt. Like his mommies, Calvin is a major vegetarian. On any given day he can be found chomping on parsley, carrot tops, romaine lettuce, chicory and strawberries. He'll even share his carrots with others.

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