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September 12, 2001

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Bud, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bud
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Quaker Parakeet
Home: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
   Bud is a wonderful sort of a bird. He thinks that he's a human, really. Not only does he love to take baths, but he takes pride in eating food directly off my family's plates. He squawks when he's not getting enough attention, and believe me, he thinks that all the time.

    When he's not squawking, he enjoys running around at the bottom of his cage weaving his fallen tail feathers into the bars, and most recently, he has tried to weave a small parakeet perch into the bars of his cage, but to no avail. He also loves to cuddle next to a warm shoulder while he takes strands of hair and surrounds himself in it. He can make such sweet noises as raspberries, purring (weird, I know, for a bird), clicking, cat-calling, kissing, cricket noises, and my all-time favorite, laughing. Once you get him started laughing, it's so funny that you start laughing, and it keeps him laughing, so you can imagine how long this goes on for. :)

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