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September 9, 2001

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Paco, the Pet of the Day
Name: Paco
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Blue Crowned Conure
Home: Tolland, Connecticut, USA
   This is Paco a two-year-old female Blue Crowned Conure, or as she's better known 'The Blue Clowned Conure'. Paco is special because she was shipped here from an aviary in Florida when she was only four weeks old, but when she was being shipped she was lost in the mail and hardly made it here alive. She's very smart and can get out of almost every cage. She talks, sings, and dances. Her favorite songs are "Be Our Guest" and "Something There" from Beauty and the Beast. Her favorite words are 'Huh?' and 'Hello Pac'. She makes lots of different noises and clicks. Paco also laughs.

    Paco lives in a California style cage next to her friend, Sunny-a Sun Conure. Paco's favorite toys are Goofy Links and old Cool Whip dishes. She hangs upside-down by one foot and waves. Paco loves roast beef. She watches a TV in the bird room and preens everyone she can. Paco loves to go outside in the summer and walk around. Whenever I take her in the shower she sings and make noises non-stop.

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