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September 6, 2001

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Paul, the Pet of the Day
Name: Paul
Age: Two months old
Gender: Male
Kind: English Budgie
Home: Oshawa, Ontario Canada
   Paul is a hand raised English Budgie that we adopted to help bring him a new life. His first family returned him to the pet store after one of its members had captured and de-feathered him. My husband discovered him and was given him for free. He is a sweet, friendly bird who likes to swing, hates bells, and enjoys watching computer games from my husband's shoulder.

    He has made fast friends with our zebra finches, who he loves to visit when we let him roam free every once in a while. In the smaller picture, Paul says hello to two of the new babies while a proud papa finch looks on. Currently, Paul is getting acquainted with his new roomy, an albino fancy budgie named Peter.

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