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Dixie the Jardines Parrot Dixie
Jardines Parrot
Cranford, New Jersey, USA
September 01, 2001

Ace the Guinea Pig Ace
Guinea Pig
New York, USA
September 02, 2001

Spunky the Long Haired Syrian Spunky
Long Haired Syrian
Durban, South Africa
September 03, 2001

Zeus the African Grey Congo Zeus
African Grey Congo
South Texas, USA
September 04, 2001

Teo the Bearded Dragon Teo
Bearded Dragon
September 05, 2001

Paul the English Budgie Paul
English Budgie
Oshawa, Ontario Canada
September 06, 2001

Steve the Guinea Pig Steve
Guinea Pig
Arlington, Virginia, USA
September 07, 2001

Missy, Stinky the Sable, Silver Ferrets Missy, Stinky
Sable, Silver Ferrets
Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania, USA
September 08, 2001

Paco the Blue Crowned Conure Paco
Blue Crowned Conure
Tolland, Connecticut, USA
September 09, 2001

Charo the Potbelly Pig Charo
Potbelly Pig
North East, Texas, USA
September 10, 2001

Hermes the Hedgehog Hermes
Washington, USA
September 11, 2001

Bud the Quaker Parakeet Bud
Quaker Parakeet
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
September 12, 2001

Spike the Green Iguana Spike
Green Iguana
Folsom, California, USA
September 13, 2001

Puck the Prairie Dog Puck
Prairie Dog
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
September 14, 2001

Porkchops the Pot Bellied Pig Porkchops
Pot Bellied Pig
Buffalo, New York, USA
September 15, 2001

Dixie the Horse Dixie
Roseau, Minnesota, USA
September 16, 2001

Bunker the Guinea Pig Bunker
Guinea Pig
Indiana, USA
September 17, 2001

Willoughby the Holland Lop Rabbit Willoughby
Holland Lop Rabbit
La Habra Heights, California, USA
September 18, 2001

Rosie the Green Cheek Conure Rosie
Green Cheek Conure
Los Angeles, California, USA
September 19, 2001

Precious the Abyssinian Precious
Chicago, Illinois, USA
September 20, 2001

Merlin the Goffins Cockatoo Merlin
Goffins Cockatoo
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
September 21, 2001

Mellisa the Shorthair Syrian Hamster Mellisa
Shorthair Syrian Hamster
Batavia, New York, USA
September 22, 2001

Bobo the Rex Guinea Pig Bobo
Rex Guinea Pig
Clinton, New York, USA
September 23, 2001

Sweetie the Quaker Parrot Sweetie
Quaker Parrot
New Port Richey, Florida, USA
September 24, 2001

Chloe the Hamster Chloe
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
September 25, 2001

Moki the Leopard Gecko Moki
Leopard Gecko
Louisiana, USA
September 26, 2001

Calvin the Florida White Calvin
Florida White
Portland, Maine, USA
September 27, 2001

Sparkey the Morgan Sparkey
North Carolina, USA
September 28, 2001

Tootie the English Short Hair Tootie
English Short Hair
Florissant, Missouri, USA
September 29, 2001

Dexter the Fancy Rat Dexter
Fancy Rat
Champaign, Illinois, USA
September 30, 2001

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