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October 31, 2001

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Jinks, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jinks
Age: Nine weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Albino Ferret
Home: Key Largo, Florida, USA
   Jinks is very special because every one that sees her falls in love with her due to her bubbly personality. Jinks has to put up with living with three cats, and one cockatiel. Jinks adjusted better than the others involved when she moved to our house. She has no complaints. She is just happy to be in the presence of any other living species. This picture is showing her holiday spirit.

    If you place Jinks near a litter box, whether she needs to use it or not, and you say the words "GO POTTY," she will use it, or pretend to use it. But, she will use the box even if you don't remind her. She has always been independent that way.

    Favorite Game #1: We place her near a pair of worn jeans. She will go through all the pockets and the pant legs. If she finds any paper money, she will take and hide it somewhere else. Maybe she is saving up for some new toys?

    Favorite Game #2: Jinks spends much of her time outside her cage. So we will put a cup of water in front of her from time to time. Without fail, she will take a few sips. And next she will proceed to dip her whole head (including her shoulders) in the cup and thrush her head around till most of the water splashes out. What a slob!

    Favorite Toy: Jinks takes a swim in the bathtub every day. She loves swimming laps and she chases her rubber duck around endlessly. This works in our favor because she always smells so good.

    Jinks is a very affectionate ferret. She loves to kiss you with her tongue. And she will grab hold of your neck with her open arms when she is being carried. Jinks has a very special way of bringing out the best in you. If you are sad, she will turn on her charm to make you smile. If you are angry, she will calm you with her affection. If you're bored, she will put on a show. She has a way of jumping up in the air, doing a half twist, and landing a few feet backwards from where she started. She repeats this act several times over. If that doesn't give you a chuckle, she will keep trying till you do.

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