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October 28, 2001

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Peppermint, the Pet of the Day
Name: Peppermint
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Rex Rabbit
Home: Kingman, Kansas, USA
   For my Christmas present last year, even though it was November, my two daughters, age 14 and 11, bought me a baby Mini Rex doe for $5 at a local show. Although my daughters show rabbits, this was meant to be my pet and not a show rabbit. Peppermint, a broken black (black and white), was given a cage in our bunny barn with another rabbit, since we didn't have another cage open. The other doe scratched up Peppi, so my new pet was brought inside to live in the bathroom. Since it was cold outside, she couldn't go back outside without getting sick.

    I got her a cage, placed it on the counter, and planned for her to stay there the winter, then go back outside once it was warm again. Peppermint, however, had other plans. She first learned to open up her cage. The people in my family would walk in the bathroom, only to find Peppi sitting on the counter, or in the sink, or ripping off wallpaper. We soon allowed her free range of the house, and she'd follow everyone around, or beg for a treat, or just cuddle up next to us on the couch. My family realized how much of a personality one little rabbit could have.

    It should have been no shock to us when she jumped in the bathtub while it was full of water, or when she followed my oldest daughter into the shower. It didn't surprise us any when she learned to jump on the furniture by herself. She has always had the habit of jumping up on the toilet seat lid and taking a little nap, looking terribly contented. The biggest surprise, and the one earning Peppi her new nickname, was definitely shocking, however. My oldest daughter walked into the bathroom, screamed and laughed at the same time, then came running out, holding my little wet black-and-white furball in her hands. My little bunny had jumped on the toilet seat lid, like usual, but someone had left the lid up. Peppermint had jumped into the toilet! You'd think our little Toilet Monster would be more careful, but she's just as irrepressible as ever. Now, though, she loves water even more.

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