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October 18, 2001

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Sierra Mystique, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sierra Mystique
Age: Five months old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Jenday Conure
Home: Reston, Virginia, USA
   Sierra is a Jenday Conure. I don't know if Sierra is a male or female. (We'll just use she for now.) But she loves to lie upside down in your hand and play with the baby sun conure's. Sierra is young only five months old and does not have full color yet, but has a great personality and is a "people bird."

    Sierra loves to go to sleep in your lap and is a sweet conure. Sierra loves to get in the cage with the baby sun conures and lie on her back. Sierra loves people, and loves to lay on her back in your open palm hand, which Suns and Jendays love to do a lot. Mostly, though, Sierra loves to play with the other baby birds.

    Sierra is going to be an exceptional parrot and I look forward to spending many glorious years with him/her. I am still learning more about Sierra every day!

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