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October 13, 2001

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Mister and Missy, the Pets of the Day
Name: Mister, Missy
Age: Unkown
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Opossums
Home: USA
   Mister and Missy are adorable orphan opossums that had been dropped off at a local veterinary clinic when they were tiny babies. After just a couple of weeks of bottle feeding, the two juveniles were munching on solid food, which included everything offered.

    Mister and Missy soon grew too big for their cage inside of the house so we moved them into a triple decker ferret cage on the carport. They love to climb and eat their food with much enthusiasm. Special treats for hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders and Opossums are offered many times a day. The two marsupials will beg for their Snack Time Treats which are made with chicken livers. They also love grapes and smack their lips with pleasure.

    The possums enjoy a stroll around the yard on leashes. They were surprisingly easy to leash break. Unless they can be rehabilitated, they will spend probably the next ten years in captivity, being spoiled and loved. Mister and Missy sleep a lot during the day, though they always wake up as soon as they smell their adoptive parents standing in front of the cage. They sleep on their backs with their legs sprawled out. They are happy possums who have it made!

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