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October 9, 2001

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Prince (Sir Savage), the Pet of the Day
Name: Prince (Sir Savage)
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Thoroughbred
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
   This is my horse, Sir Savage (Prince for short). I recently bought him, and I've grown attached to him already. He is the sweetest guy. He loves to jump and go full speed ahead in a jumping ring. I haven't been able to ride him in a show yet, but I'm sure he'd act the same: head high, short stride, and jumping two feet higher than be has to. I love him. Regardless of what his name suggests, he hasn't a savage bone in him.

    Prince is special to me because he's so friendly and I've gained his trust so quickly. I feel we really have a connection, I felt that the first time I rode him. He's also really smart. Since I've bought him, he's learning how to keep his head down better, that he doesn't have to jump so high all the time, and he's learning which foot goes forward at the canter. He's the sweetest horse you'll ever come across.

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