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October 6, 2001

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Chumley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chumley
Age: Sixteen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Yellow Nape Amazon
Home: Jena, Louisiana, USA
   I have a very small Aviary with several different breeds of parrots, one being a yellow Nape Amazon. Chumley was the first of my big birds to hatch. Of course I hand fed her till it was time she decided she was old enough to eat by her self. she was to be sold, but by the time came we were both so bonded to each other selling was simply out of the question. She is very silly, she plays on her back more than standing. She likes to murder her favorite toys, attacks them stomps, jumps, bites and yells until she has total surrender. If she feels that is not enough we'll start all over again.

    When she's not busy with her toys, she loves to help me wash cages and what great help she is - of course sometimes we have to take a little shower to cool off. Chum also has several songs she loves to sing. She talks & sings both in English and Amazonian. Some of which are, Dixie, A Little Ducky Duddle, of course the old stand by Old Mc Donald. Unfortunately her teacher can not carry a tune (me) so if you were to hear her she may sound a little out of tune. Oh well, we try. At night when she is tired from her busy day she likes to have mommy rub her head and face and then rest on my shoulder for awhile before it's time for bed. I have to say Chum is my bestest friend and most faithful companion.

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