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November 29, 2001

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Louise, the Pet of the Day
Name: Louise
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: African Grey Parrot
Home: Hilo, Hawaii, USA
   "Hello! My name is Louise. I am an African Grey parrot with a vocabulary of about 150 words. I don't talk in my sleep, only when awake. I am four years old and live on the Big Island near Hilo, in Hawaii. I bring lots of joy and companionship to my owner, my buddy African Grey, Andrew, and my little buddy, R2, who is a Peachface Lovebird. Come a little closer and I'll give you a big kiss! I'm a bird and I'm gorgeous!"

    Louise was abused and neglected and I "rescued" her from that home. She is extremely bright and will pick up new words with only a little encouragement. Right now she is calling the cat, who is "Uila" (Wee la). She is very assertive and can seriously bite someone who approaches her too quickly. She gives me kisses and hugs and is learning to give my boyfriend the same. Tricks? She is way above that. She is a member of the family and not into performing. She will say Hello on "command" if I knock on the wall like a door being knocked.

    Birds are - how can I say this? A bit more independent than mammals. She's too smart for her own feather britches. She loves to come down off her big cage and explore the house, knowing very well that this is not allowed. That may be her way to get me to perform!

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