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November 24, 2001

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Bentley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bentley
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ferret
Home: Ontario, Canada
   Bentley is my first ferret. Ferret math has struck already and Bentley has a little girlfriend named Cinnamon. Bentley loves to eat... and eat and eat and eat. He is almost five months, but he already weighs 3.5 pounds, the average weight of a full grown! He waddles over when I call him and does tricks like begging, rolling over and lying down to get his favorite treats. He loves people and will playfully nip at their feet to get their attention. He and Cinnamon get into a lot of mischief together like getting into my fish tank or getting in behind the couch where I can't get them. His favorite toy when he was little was the stuffed ferret sharing his hammock. He used to drag it around everywhere and then play with it when he was bored. Now that he has Cinnamon, he doesn't pay much attention to his old friend unless it's got a treat in it's tummy. When I got him he was a silver mitt (what I had been looking for a few months!!)... But as you can see, that has changed! I still love him and will forever. He makes me smile when I've had a rough day.

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