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November 21, 2001

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Newton, the Pet of the Day
Name: Newton
Age: Seven and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Opal Mini Rex
Home: Ontario, Canada
   Newton is possibly the kissiest bunny in the universe and will spend hours giving you little licks as long as you keep rubbing her head and face. She is, of course, litter trained, knows her name and comes when we call (when she feels like it). Her favorite toy is the large mirror we have in our hallway. She thinks another rabbit who looks just like she does lives there. She visits it often. I know. She can be confusing. Newton, despite being insanely cranky (especially if you happen to be in the way of her preferred route through any room in the house -- expect a nip to correct you) is the kissiest bunny in the world. Her face gives her the cranky look, but just watch her get mushy when you start to rub her head. She'll overcome her cranky nature and the kisses will begin. Newton, like most bunnies, doesn't like change. She hates to travel, probably due to a failed bonding attempt with another bunny -- but most likely due to the fact that whenever she gets in the car, she's on her way to the vet. We've counteracted this by renaming our vet the "bunny spa". So when we go on vacation, Newton gets checked into the bunny spa for a week's relaxation. Last time she was there, she got a pedicure (her nails trimmed). Newton knows exactly when 7:30 pm is. Each night, she jumps onto the couch and up to the top of her cage, waiting for her treat. Since she's got a super-sensitive stomach, all she gets to eat is hay and pellets, therefore her treat is more pellets. Luckily, she loves them and is highly indignant when we don't provide them on schedule. She will look at the pellet jar and then at us until we get the hint. Mostly, she's our little delicate 3.5 pound flower with a mind of her own. And we love her.

    The first is her baby picture, taken at about three months. The second is Newton in her infamous meat loaf pose. She's really not that fat. Really. For more photographic evidence, visit Newton's website.

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