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November 17, 2001

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Wiggie and Simon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Wiggie, Simon
Age: Eight weeks old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Chicken
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   Hi, I'm Wiggie (in the brown), and this is my best friend Simon (in the black)! I know chickens aren't often very friendly with each other, but I guess Simon and I are a special case, since we go everywhere together, sleep next to each other and ever share food with each other! We're two of a kind.... or maybe we're not: could we look any more different? Simon's a rooster, I'm a hen, he's black and smooth, I'm brown and fluffy, he's long and lean, I'm round and chubby. I even have five toes and black skin, and he has yellow skin and the regular four toes. Even though we're not brother and sister, we've been together since we hatched (even though Simon is a day older than me) as part of a school project. My surrogate mom took me home to be with the rest of her flock, but I was so miserable without Simon that I wouldn't eat or drink or move - I just lay on the ground and chirped miserably. Mom thought I looked so sad she went back to school to buy Simon to keep me company, and at the school they told mom that Simon had been just as miserable as I was, so they gave him to her for free! I cheered up as soon as they put Simon in my cage, and they have never tried to separate us since. My mom says that in all her years of chicken raising and handling she's never seen anything like how we stick together, and she's going to make sure that we spend many happy years together in the future.

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