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May 31, 2001

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Luna, Artemis, Serena, and Diana, the Pets of the Day
Name: Luna, Artemis,
Serena, Diana
Age: Ten, Ten,
Eight, Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Gray hooded, Blonde hooded,
Irish, Albino Rex
Home: Tewksbury, Massachusetts, USA
   Luna, the gray hooded, is definitely the "maternal" influence. She is always the one that takes over the home decorating when we clean the cage. She always has a project. She also is the one you see cleaning all the others, and takes care of the others when they aren't feeling well. She is also the most brave of them all, she loves to jump and play. She loves to give kisses and also loves to try and get into your mouth to clean your teeth! Her favorite games are hide and seek and tickle the tummy. She will come out, and we will tickle her tummy and bum, she will run and hide... and then come back for more! She absolutely loves attention, and always has to be first to get a treat.

    Serena, the Irish, is also very playful, and very funny. She watched Luna doing her stunts...will go to mimic, and then wimp out. She loves being out to play, she will chatter her teeth all over the place when she is out of the cage, and when we have to put them back, she will squeak in protest! She also loves playing tickle the tummy and bum, and she will also grab your finger and continuously give kisses. She loves her snacks too, and Nana spoils her!

    Artemis, the blonde hooded, is the most docile of the clan. She loves to play try to catch me tho. But usually hide and seek is her favorite, she will hide under our many pillows, or even in the pillow cases and wait for us to find her, and if we take to long, she will stick her head out to make sure we are still looking... "WHERE'S ARTEMIS?"

    Last and certainly not least is Diana, the baby of the group. She is an albino rex. She is the most lovable cuddle bear, she likes climbing onto our shoulders and nuzzling up to our necks and falling asleep while chittering away. Her favorite thing to do in the cage is to crawl upside down across the top of the cage. She is always the first to greet me when I come home from work, waiting patiently for me to take her out and hold her. She loves to be held close and securely. When we let her run around on the bed, she will come right up to our face and snuggle. She also likes to nibble on our noses!

    When they are all together they are wonderful, always wrestling, snuggling together(like in the picture), cleaning each other, or stealing treats from each other. Luna and Artemis are from the same litter, Serena we fell in love with at another pet store, and Diana we saved from being tomorrow's lunch for a snake! They are "my" first pets, and I love them to death. They are all so lovable, smart, and very playful. They all love riding around on our shoulders. I am looking forward to the years of fun, love, and enjoyment of my little girls. I am a fan of the anime cartoon "Sailor Moon" and I named them accordingly. Luna, the mother like black cat that keeps the girls out of trouble. Artemis, the white cat who is relatively quiet, but loves to have fun. Diana, luna and artemis's baby(on the show). And Serena, who is Sailor moons alter ego, who is acts like a spoiled brat and whines a lot, but still sweet. These are our little girls.

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