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May 29, 2001

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Lorelei, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lorelei
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Jenday Conure
Home: Vancouver, BC, Canada
   Lorelei is named after the legend of Lorelei, the siren who lives in the River Rhine in Germany. Sirens are beautiful female spirits who lure sailors to them with them sweet, melodic voices and hypnotic songs. Our Lorelei shrieks and squeaks so shrilly your ears want to run for cover. When Lorelei isn't excited she stops screaming long enough to steal your heart. She's a cuddler and she loves to have her head tickled for hours. She's very gentle and demure when she wants to be but watch out when she gets hyper. Sometimes she can't contain herself and she lets out a squawk that leaves your ears ringing. Lorelei was abandoned by her previous owners and I adopted her from a local animal shelter. According to my avian vet, Conures are commonly given up when their owners can't take their shrieks, so a word of warning here...Conures are noisy, and they always will be! Anyway, when I found Lorelei she was sick with an intestinal infection from living in a dirty cage but she recovered beautifully. During her illness I spoon fed her warm baby bird formula every evening and now she demands it every night. What can I do? When she opens up her wings to give me a birdie-hug I just melt and I have to cater to my little siren's every whim. Come see Lorelei and her friends.

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