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May 23, 2001

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Oily, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oily
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Thoroughbred Gelding
Home: Woodinville, Washington, USA
   Oily loves kids and he loves to give pony rides. When he sees a child he immediately becomes gentle and calm. He also loves to dress up in hats and make people laugh. He feels he must always be the center of attention. He loves treats and will do anything for candy corn. When he is not giving pony rides or acting like a clown, he enjoys playing with his friends in the pasture and learning how to become a show horse.

    His registered name is Oil Mans Pay, but his nick name is just Oily. He was bred to be a race horse but was injured during training and was also not very fast. In Thoroughbred racing they often take part of the mother's name and part of the father's name to create the foal's name. His mother's name was Exclusive Pay and his Father was Snake Oil Man, that's how he ended up with Oil Mans Pay. I got him two years ago as a birthday gift from my husband. I was going to change his name but after calling him Oily for a few days I couldn't. He is quite a character and will do anything for a cookie.

    Oily is very affectionate, he hates being alone. He loves children and cats. There are three cats that live at his barn. They love him! They sleep in his stall, nuzzle with him, and love to play with him. He's very gentle with them. They've even jumped on his back before! His favorite game to play is tug of war with a big rope and. He'll play anything though. He also loves to gaze at himself in the mirror. He is always doing silly things. He once jumped over his pasture fence and went to the owner of the barn's back yard. He climbed up on her deck and looked into the window for a while before being caught and put back into the pasture. Visit Oily's website.

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