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May 14, 2001

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Sarafina de La Esmeralda del Eden, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sarafina de La Esmeralda del Eden
Age: Three days old
Gender: Female
Kind: Paso Fino Horse
Home: Montgomery, Texas, USA
   Hello, my name is Sarafina de La Esmeralda del Eden. With a name like that you have probably figured out that I am somewhat of a different kind of horse. My Dad is Columbian and my Mom is half Columbian and half Puerto Rican. We are Paso Fino horses and are known for our smooth gait. You won't bounce in the saddle when you ride us. Hopefully, when I grow up I will be the smoothest Paso Fino of all and win lots of championship ribbons!

    This picture was taken when I was only three days old. It was the first time I was allowed to go outside and see what the world was all about. I found these lovely flowers and thought they smelled just heavenly. Yes, I know my legs look awfully long for my body, but I was 22 days late coming into this world and I guess my legs just kept growing while I was waiting to come out. Oh, yes, my name. It means... "Angel of the green garden" Remember that name... someday I may be famous and you can say you knew me when I was just an "angelic" little girl!

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