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May 13, 2001

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Iris, the Pet of the Day
Name: Iris
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Golden Syrian Hamster
Home: North Prairie, Wisconsin, USA
   This is Iris (now Mama Iris), her exact age is unknown - but she's approximately one year old. I bought Iris from a pet shop last month that had a huge bin of hamsters - all colors and sizes. There were so many cute hammies - I had a hard time choosing which one was for me. But being a previous hammie owner (25+ in my lifetime!) I thought I should pick one that was older - that maybe no one would buy because it wasn't young and playing like the rest. So I snatched up my Iris and brought her home to live with me. Little did I know she was going to surprise me a week later with a litter of babies! Eight beautiful little hammies. We already have lots of people willing to take one and that will leave one baby left for me. :) They are all turning out to look just like their Mama Iris! :) I'm so happy Iris has blessed us with her babies and I'm so glad I can provide her with her own home and lots of yummie treats for the rest of her life. This hammie has won my heart and I love her very much. :)

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